Sciton Broadband Light Treatments in Winter Park, FL

HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser for Wrinkles & Tightening

Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center performs HALO hybrid fractional laser and BBL broadband light treatments for our Winter Park, FL, patients. The revolutionary procedures by Sciton treat wrinkles, eliminate age spots, and tighten skin. HALO is an excellent choice for wrinkles and tightening, while BBL helps eliminate age spots, sun marks, pigmentation, red marks, and visible blood vessels. The main difference between HALO and BBL is that HALO uses dual laser wavelengths, while BBL uses broadband light for treatment. Both skincare treatments produce dramatic, effective results. We'll work with you to determine the best treatment for your skin.

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Dual-Wavelength Laser Technology
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Reduces Signs of UV Damage
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Equalizes Skin Tone & Color
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Minimizes Pores & Blemishes
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Softens Fine Lines & Wrinkles

What Is the HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser?

The HALO hybrid fractional laser utilizes light-focusing technology to treat various skin conditions and concerns. It has innovative software that safely targets the outer skin with photon energy wavelengths while treating the underlying layers as well. HALO offers long-lasting effects for reducing wrinkles and boosting skin tightening.

Before and after of a neck after a HALO treatment
Before and after photo of a face after a HALO treatment
Before and after of a woman's face after a BBL/HALO combo treatment
Several day time span of a face after a HALO treatment
Before and after of redness reduction on a man's face

Benefits of HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser Treatments

HALO hybrid fractional lasers are an excellent solution when you need deep stimulation for collagen production. The benefits of HALO lasers include:

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    Softens fine lines, including worry creases and crow’s feet
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    Reduces wrinkles caused by natural aging processes
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    Resurfaces skin texture
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    Reduces the appearance of scar tissue
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    Balances coloration of pigmented lesions
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    Reduces visibility of enlarged pores
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What Is Broadband Light Therapy?

BBL broadband light therapy uses light energy to treat age spots, fine lines, sun spots, and other blemishes. We customize the broadband light energy to your skin’s condition for optimal results. The broadband light stimulates cells to boost production for smoother, vibrant skin. BBL’s photothermal energy helps eliminate facial vessels and reduce melanin that produces age and sun spots. BBL technology minimizes the appearance of skin damage and takes years off of your complexion without any need for invasive procedures or disruptive periods of downtime.

Skincare Benefits of BBL

BBL is a fantastic treatment to break up melanin and target blood vessels and/or broken capillaries for redness reduction. BBL benefits include:
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    Reduces negative impacts of long-term sun and UV-ray exposure
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    Diminishes pigmentation of sun spots
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    Brightens complexion
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    Enhances smoothness and firmness of the skin
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    Safe to use anywhere, including face, chest, and back of hands

Before and after of reduction of freckles on an arm
Before and after of reduction of freckles on a shoulder
Before and after of reduction of freckles on a face
Before and after of a face after one BBL treatment
Before and after of a woman's face after a BBL/HALO combo treatment
Before and after of redness reduction on a man's face
Woman with elegant makeup and flawless skin looking over shoulder

HALO & BBL Recovery Expectations

BBL™ treatments have little to no recovery time. You may need three to six BBL™ treatments for optimal results. HALO™ recovery time is a little longer, but most patients only need one or two HALO™ treatments for excellent results. HALO™ offers flexibility to adjust the intensity of the treatment depending on your skincare goals. Both skincare treatments provide smooth, stunning results.

Why Choose Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center?

Illuminate Your Skin’s Natural Beauty
You no longer need to fight fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, scarring, discoloration, or enlarged pores. Our HALO hybrid fractional laser and BBL therapy treatments offer the perfect solution for many skincare and anti-aging concerns. Our team of experts at Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center has extensive training and years of professional experience necessary to provide our patients with customizable services that make them look and feel their best. We’re committed to exceeding expectations with revolutionary skincare procedures.

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