New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2013

In our Orlando Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center we have the opportunity every January to help women and men become more confident about themselves through non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Here are the top 3 treatments requested every January for New Year's Resolutions.

Get Bikini Body Ready with Velashape

Exercising all fall and winter doesn't guarantee a "jiggle free" bikini body for summer; in fact exercise and diet are clinically proven to not improve cellulite. Fortunately, when your personal trainer can't get rid of the difficult "saddle bags", there's a new clinically proven, FDA-approved&cleared; non-surgical solution for reducing the look of cellulite, sculpting the body, shrinking love handles and inches all over-Velashape. While Velasmooth and Velashape have been out for a few years, the Velashape II launched about one year ago and is the most powerful weapon against cellulite now on the market.