How to Avoid downtime with Botox & Juvederm Injections

As top injectors in Orlando of Botox and Juvederm products by Allergan for the past 4 years our medical spa (Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center) […]

Winter Park Laser Donates Laser Tattoo Removal to Help Foster Child

While it is difficult for local children to be adopted it is especially difficult for older children-especially ones with "facial tattoos." When child services came to Winter Park Laser to share the story of a teenage boy who desperately wanted a tattoo on his face removed to increase his chances of being adopted after one adoption already failed; Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center was happy to help by donating their time and services of Laser Tattoo Removal.

Benefits & Differences Between Botox & Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic injectable used to correct deep facial lines, wrinkles and hollow cheeks in the face for women and men. Injected just under the skin by a qualified medical practitioner, dermal fillers replace volume lost naturally over time from aging or weight fluctuation. The most common dermal fillers used are Hyaulronic acid fillers such as Juvederm Ultra Plus, Perlane, and Restylane however Radiesse (a calcium based filler) is very popular as well. Dermal fillers are mostly place in naso-labial folds (the deep lines around the mouth), in the lips to plump them up and in the cheeks.

More Men are Opting for laser hair removal

Winter Park Laser (medical spa) has specialized in laser hair removal in Orlando for over 8 years and has recently noticed a surge in male clients for laser hair removal. Men are tired of shaving and dealing with ingrown hairs; a common problem especially in the beard area and for those with dark skin.