The Demand for Laser Tattoo Removal & Laser Hair Removal Increases

Winter Park Laser has been the leader in laser hair removal treatments in Central Florida for 8 years and has steadily seen the demand increase over […]

Latisse is Botox for Eyelashes

Latisse – the ‘Botox for eyelashes’, which has been developed from Biamatoprost – a medication used to treat eye disorders including glaucoma, is also being used […]


The Lux1540 hand-piece by Palomar improves mature or newer red and white striae in as little as 3-4 treatments on average over 3-5 months. In ongoing clinical studies using blinded reviewers at three months post-procedure, patients showed an average improvement of 51%-75% in the appearance of both red and white striae of various ages.

Combination Aesthetic Treatments is Most Effective

Over the past 8 years in our medical spa, we have found that combining at least two cosmetic treatments (whether non-invasive treatments with products or other treatments or non-invasive with surgical) gives the optimal results clients are seeking