Laser Tattoo Removal is like a “Start Over” button

Tattoos have been around since the Egyptian time and while in many cultures they are revered in the American culture they seem to be losing clout.  […]

Questions to Ask for Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation

Our medical spa was one of the first in Orlando to offer laser tattoo removal 4 years ago.  Tattoo removal has since grown by about 50% […]

Top Reasons People get Laser Tattoo Removal

LASER TATTOO BEFORE & AFTER After the economy crashed the job market has become a difficult world to compete in. Those who hadn't had an interview in 20 years quickly found themselves competing again those more experienced, younger, and other talents. While, the competition in the job market not only increased, the employers also had the opportunity to make hiring requirements more stringent. I feel that this has had a huge impact on the laser tattoo removal market.

Laser Tattoo Removal Brings New Rewards for Career Possibilities

We have now been performing Laser Tattoo Removal at our Orlando medical Spa for nearly 4 years and while we were apprehensive at first-it has become an incredibly booming industry and one of the main reasons is that laser tattoo removal brings many new rewards for career possibilities.