Busting Myths on Laser Skin Resurfacing

After Being in the Medical Spa industry for 10 years the technology for non-invasive cosmetic treatments and more punctilious methods for skin care have consistently involved […]

Laser Stretchmark Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Until 4 years ago most physicians would tell women and men that there was no treatment or cure for stretchmarks.  However, that changed when Palomar Medical […]

How to Remove Stretchmarks Permanently & Why Creams Don’t Work

Stretchmarks can be an unfortunate side-effect of pregnancy or growth spurts and mainly occur to women however sometimes in men as well. Stretchmarks can be due to genetics, stretch marks are small tears in the dermis that result when the fat or muscle beneath the skin is growing at a faster rate than the skin itself. As the tissue under the skin is “stretched out,” normal collagen production is interrupted, and stretch marks begin to surface.

Why You Don’t Have to be Stuck with Stretch-Marks

Why you don't have to be stuck with stretch-marks anymore! It is true that until about 3 years ago there wasn't much you could do to remove stretchmarks but since Palomar received FDA approval with Fractional laser skin resurfacing that has changed. We have been offering Laser Stretch-mark removal at our Orlando Medical Spa Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center and clients often tell us that they heard nothing could be done so this info is to bust the myth that you are stuck with stretchmarks!