Top 3 Ways to Look Younger Fast

After running a medical spa for 8 years-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando FL the questions asked often is what is the quickest way to look younger? I also hear "I have a reunion in a week to a few weeks, what can I do quickly to look younger?" So here are my Top 3 ways to look younger fast!

The 3 Top Ways to Remove Sun Damage

One of the top issues that are clients come into our Orlando Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser for is sun damage skin including age spots, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation and poor skin texture. Perhaps, it's because our medical spa is in Orlando Florida that we our clients have so much damage but I also think it's a generational issue as more baby boomers are seeing the effects of using baby oil in the 70's and more sun damage emerges with age.