What is a VI Peel & Is it for You

Chemical peels have a deep history in the cosmetic treatment realm.  They were the first cosmetic treatment every created dating back to “Cleopatra” Egyptian times from […]

What You Need to Know Before You go to a Medical Spa

At our medical spa we do a complimentary consultation for every new client and we look thoroughly over our client's medical history, however not every spa will do this so here are some tips on being informed and ready for your medical spa treatments which can tend to be stronger than traditional "day spa" treatments. These tips will keep you safe.

Clearing Up Confusion on Chemical Peels

While Chemical peels are the oldest cosmetic treatment around, they are also shrouded with the most confusion. We have been offering advanced medical grade chemical peels at our medical spa for 8 years and without fail the most questions and concerns come with chemical peels-even more so than laser treatments. Even with the advances in laser technology combination therapy with chemical peels can still play a vital role in results, so this information should clear up some of the confusion about common concerns.