What is Juvederm Voluma XC

Dermal fillers have been used in the cosmetic and aesthetic world for nearly two decades now, however one of the latest fillers on the block is […]


While there are many cosmetic dermal fillers available in the United States, the #1 used dermal filler is Juvederm Products by Allergan and until this year […]

Top 3 Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Over the past decade the cosmetic treatments requested & performed on men have increased by 56% as women are no longer the only ones reaping the benefits of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. At our Orlando medical spa-Winter Park Laser, we have seen an increase of at least 20% each year for the past few years. While, men are partaking in all cosmetic & plastic surgery ventures, there are 3 that we see the most often & which have increased by the highest percents in the past few years and they include the following.

Winter Park Laser Adds New Filler-Belotero to Orlando Med Spa

Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center has been performing dermal fillers for 9 years at our Orlando Medical Spa and we are incredibly excited to add a new & unique dermal filler-Belotero Balance to our menu. This filler is by the makers of Radiesse. There is a large need for this filler as it is especially created for superficial fine lines & safe to inject in forehead lines & crows feet where we never would have injected other hyularonic acid fillers before. This is great for those clients who do not have deep lines but would still like correction.