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How to Get the Best & Safest Botox Injections in Orlando

The Medical Spa industry is still fairly new (about 20-25 years old) and continuously grows with new laws and FDA supervision of treatments. However laws still vary and their are still many medical spas, and physicians that abuse the system in order to save money. I bring this up because while the prices of cosmetic treatments have gone down due to the economy there are still those that want to save even more by looking for the "cheapest" and easiest deal. One of the biggest treatments that has become of topic lately is Botox Cosmetic.

The Benefits of Combination Cosmetic Treatments

After running a medical spa for 8 years-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando I have come to realize that surgical and non-surgical treatments are always stronger when paired together. Every client comes in to a med-spa or Plastic Surgeon's office and of course wants the ONE treatment that will make them look 10 years younger instantly. Unfortunately that doesn't really exist. A lot of times clients who have years of damage want to fix one area at a time with Botox or fillers and while they get a good result it is difficult to tell because the rest of the integrity and condition of their skin is waning.