botox for men orlando

In Honors of Father’s Day-the Best Aesthetic Treatments for Dad

So it’s Father’s Day this weekend, and in honor of that I would like to go over the best aesthetic treatments for Men & for Dad.  […]
botox for men orlando

The Best Cosmetic Treatments for Men

While men might have hid in the shadows while women were getting buckets of Botox, laser treatments and plastic surgery 10 years, today’s men are coming […]

Top 3 Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Over the past decade the cosmetic treatments requested & performed on men have increased by 56% as women are no longer the only ones reaping the benefits of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. At our Orlando medical spa-Winter Park Laser, we have seen an increase of at least 20% each year for the past few years. While, men are partaking in all cosmetic & plastic surgery ventures, there are 3 that we see the most often & which have increased by the highest percents in the past few years and they include the following.

Does Your Dad Secretly want “Brotox” for Father’s Day?

While I have managed a medical spa for 8 years the number of male clients has increased by at least 20% every year. What has also increased is the median age-more and more older, married and single father's are becoming our typical client. This is what made me think of what a "typical Dad" really wants this Father's Day. Is it a tie or less wrinkles or removal of sun damage?