TruSculpt Non-invasive fat reduction vs. Liposuction

It used to be that the only way to get rid of stubborn fat pockets was with surgical treatments such as Lipo-suction and tummy tucks.  However, […]

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Options

While plastic surgery and surgical options used to be the only method of body sculpting used, lasers and new technologies are giving non-surgical, no downtime time […]

The Difference Between Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Treatments Available Today

In the past few years there has become more options to reducing inches, fat, and cellulite than just surgical options such as lipo-suction, or laser lipo treatments. The first non-invasive option for permanent fat reduction on the body that came to the USA market and received FDA approval was Zeltiq better know as "CoolSculpting", the 2nd treatment with approval was Liposonix and the third and most recent non-invasive fat reduction treatment to receive FDA approval in the US is TruSculpt.

Get Bikini Body Ready with Velashape

Exercising all fall and winter doesn't guarantee a "jiggle free" bikini body for summer; in fact exercise and diet are clinically proven to not improve cellulite. Fortunately, when your personal trainer can't get rid of the difficult "saddle bags", there's a new clinically proven, FDA-approved&cleared; non-surgical solution for reducing the look of cellulite, sculpting the body, shrinking love handles and inches all over-Velashape. While Velasmooth and Velashape have been out for a few years, the Velashape II launched about one year ago and is the most powerful weapon against cellulite now on the market.