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While some are busy making plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, others are planning trips to get cosmetic procedures.

The Winter Park Laser and Anti-Aging Center said the holiday season has brought a boost in business.

Managing Director Jennifer Calabrese said many people have been coming in to the Laser and Anti-Aging Center’s managing director for quick procedures, like Botox or light cosmetic peels, before they head to holiday parties or events.

“They want to look better and younger with a lot of instant gratification,” said Calabrese.

The spike in appointments isn’t just from the ladies, either. Calabrese said she believes the social norms are changing, with more male celebrities getting cosmetic work done.

“I think men are starting to realize that it’s OK for them to do it, too,” said Calabrese. “Plus, I have a lot of men who are recently divorced or dating younger women, and they want to look good, too. So, it’s become an equal opportunity treatment.”

But be warned: If not done right, those procedures can be dangerous, and even life-threatening.

Leaders with the Florida Department of Health said any medical treatment like cosmetic work must be performed by a doctor, a physician’s assistant under supervision, or a registered nurse practitioner; and anyone going under the knife needs to know the risks involved.

Calabrese agreed with the Health Department’s warning.

“Anytime you are getting anything that’s a medical grade, be it a chemical peel or injectable, you definitely don’t want to get this done in someone’s home,” she said. “These are definitely things that should be done in a medical setting.”

For customers like like Judith Christian, who went in Tuesday for a Botox injection, the results outweigh the risks.

“It just makes me feel so much better about myself,” she said.

The Department of Heath urged consumers to verify the license status of all health care providers before seeking any medical treatment.


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