In the past few years there has become more options to reducing inches, fat, and cellulite than just surgical options such as lipo-suction, or laser lipo treatments.  The first non-invasive option for permanent fat reduction on the body that came to the USA market and received FDA approval was Zeltiq better know as “CoolSculpting”, the 2nd treatment with approval was Liposonix and the third and most recent non-invasive fat reduction treatment to receive FDA approval in the US is TruSculpt.  So what are the differences in these 3 treatments and which is the best for you?

There are different modalities for each non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

TruSculpt uses RadioFrequency with uniform heating of deep tissue at sustained therapeutic temperatures with unique hand-piece design allows therapeutic temperatures greater than 47° C to be comfortably achieved.   This creates apoptosis which is a slow cell death to the fat cells which are flushed out by the body’s natural lymphatic drainage system.  No anesthetic is needed and the hand-piece is flat so there is no clamping.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting uses a hand-piece that clamps onto the treated area and “freezes” the fat through a process called crylipolysis. The fat cells die when exposed to cold and are flushed out through lymphatic drainage.

Liposonix: use high-intensity focused ultrasound to non-invasively get rid of targeted fat around your waistline (abdomen and love handles).

Areas That Can Be Treated:

TruSculpt: The benefit with TruSculpt is that any area of the body can be treated because the hand-piece is a flat surface there is no clamping.  There is a large hand-piece for most body areas and a smaller hand-piece specifally to target neck fat and tighten skin in the neck area which no other device currently offers.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting: Mainly the abdomen and love handles are the only areas which can be treated because this hand-piece has a clamping mechanism.

Liposonix: Mainly the abdomen and love handles are the only areas which can be treated because this hand-piece has a clamping mechanism.  You have to have 1-3 inches of fat to clamp.

So which one do you choose?  If you want any other area of your body treated besides abdomen then TruSculpt is the obvious answer.  Also, if you do not want to have to take painkillers then TruSculpt is your best best.  You also run a risk of “butter stick” effect with liposonix and Zeltiq because of the clamping device-only the fat in the clamp is melted creating a “butter stick” look.  All 3 of these devices work and are FDA approved.  Find a good provider of these devices and have a consultation to see if you are good candidate for any of these body sculpting devices.

All 3 have little down-time and will save you from having to have surgery.

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