Our Medical Spa has now been offering laser tattoo removal for 3 years and we have become local Orlando experts in this technology.  We would like to share our advice for those seeking Laser Tattoo Removal at any medical spa anywhere in the United States.  Laser Tattoo Removal is an amazing technology that has come a long way and can provide an opportunity to erase something that was once though permanent.

The reasons that people get Laser Tattoo Removal vary from person to person but lately a lot of them have been military related as it is now impossible to enlist in most military branches or get hired at government agencies such as police stations or Fire Departments or prisons if you have any tattoos that show.  We also just have those clients who now parents or just feel differently than they did when they got the tattoo when they were 18.

While laser tattoo removal is the best option to remove tattoos there are important questions to ask before selection a medical spa for treatment.

Question #1 to Ask: What type of laser do you use & is it specifically for laser tattoo removal?

Why: Technology is so important and there are certain lasers created only for tattoo removal.  Unfortunately I have heard of hair removal lasers being used for tattoo removal which can cause blisters or worse.

Question #2 to Ask: How old is the laser being used?

Why: Again, technology has gotten better and if the laser is really old the results not be effective.

Question #3 to Ask: Is this laser safe for dark skin (if you have dark skin)

Why: Only Q-switched Yag lasers are truly safe for dark skin types, anything else can cause scarring and blisters.

Question #4: Who is performing the treatment, are they certified, licensed & what are there qualifications and experience

Questions #5: Always ask to see before & after photos of their work-not stock photos!


For more information on laser tattoo removal go to www.winterparklaser.com


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