At our medical spa in Orlando Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center we have been performing laser tattoo removal for 3 years & have seen over 400 tattoos within that time walk through our doors for consultations.  I can’t tell you how many times the tattoos people want removed our “cover ups” meaning a tattoo on top of a tattoo.

Why tattoo cover ups can be a bad idea: #1 the tattoo usually ends up being MUCH bigger-& when you do decide to get it removed via laser tattoo removal it will cost you double!

#2 Most of the time you can still see the first tattoo & that looks weird.

#3 Do not get a flesh tattoo b/c laser tattoo removal works via pigment meaning the darker the pigment the easier it is to remove it, flesh color is virtually impossible to remove.

#4 If you do not fade it via laser tattoo removal first the colors can look awkward

#5 You risk making it worse & are spending money to do so!!

Laser tattoo is a much better option.  Even if you truly want to cover up a tattoo most good tattoo artists will advise you to have at least 1-3 sessions of laser tattoo removal to fade the tattoo first.  Laser tattoo removal will give you a fresh start removing the tattoo completely over a series of sessions depending on the color of the tattoo.  If you don’t like your tattoo remove it-don’t try to put on a bigger butterfly over an ugly butterfly-it never seems to work out.

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