At Winter Park Laser the variety of men and women getting tattoos removed varies from soccer moms, to business men and everything in between. While there a lot of women erasing the bad memories of an ex-boyfriend’s name from their lower back, there are equally now older “frat boys” getting tattoos removed. There has also been an increase in tattoo removal business since the stricter regulations on enlisting into the military or applying for a government position have been imposed.
Winter Park Laser treats 25-35 tattoos per week with the Medlite 4 Laser, and sees that number increasing.

Complete removal of a tattoo usually takes between six and 12 laser treatments every four to eight weeks but vary depending on color and size of tattoo. Prices typically range from $75 to $450.

“It’s all about how deep the ink was applied, and if it is an amateur or profession tattoo” says Brenda Pribila ARNP. “You could say by square inch, but not all tattoos come by the square inch.”
As long as there are spring break trips, alcohol infused decisions, ex-lovers and career changes, laser tattoo removal is here to stay and is only increasing in popularity. For more information on treatments go to

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