When you are walking down the street in Orlando chances are you don’t know who has tattoo and who doesn’t.  This is because there are many “upscale” residents including businessmen, elected officials, physicians, attorneys, and Mothers who don’t want you to know they have a tattoo.  While you may not know-Winter Park Laser does. We have been performing laser tattoo removal in Orlando for 3 years.  Many people got tattoos when they were very young and it is now something they don’t feel represents them as a person or their image and they want to be positive role models for their children.  It is not uncommon for a wealthy businessman dressed in a suit to come in and want a crazy fraternity symbol or dare to be removed from his body.

Laser tattoo removal gives a second chance to make a good first impression especially for those trying to get a job in law enforcement or the government as they now require that tattoos not show in uniform.  While there are many types of lasers the best is a Q-switched Yag laser-we prefer the Naturalase by Focus Lasers. This is the highest energy q-switched system in the world. Take advantage of four Q-switched wavelengths in one system. Tattoo ink is removed by using specific wavelengths of light which pass into the skin, and is absorbed by the ink. A given wavelength targets only a single color (or a group of nearby colors). For example, the red wavelength removes the green ink and the green wavelength removes the red ink. The rapid absorption of the light energy (shock wave) causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which can then be removed by the body’s natural filtering systems often referred to as the body’s lymphatic drainage system.  For more information on laser tattoo removal in Orlando go to

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