Winter Park Laser has been the leader in laser hair removal treatments in Central Florida for 8 years and has steadily seen the demand increase over the years. However, after a great demand we added Laser tattoo removal over a year ago and is has increasingly become more popular especially as few medical spas in the area are offering the treatment.

Laser hair removal is already the most popular noninvasive medical treatment in the United States for people under 34 and number 2 for people over 34 (second only to Botox) but lately, tattoo removal has also become very popular to the 16% of the population who have a tattoo. It is estimated that as much as 50% would like to have the tattoo removed which creates a tremendous demand for the service.

The demand for Laser tattoo removal stems partially from many government and military agencies requiring that tattoos not be in a visible area of the body for their employees. This includes air-force, army, police stations, fire departments, prisons and many more. Also, many once wild youths are now attorneys, doctors and other professions that do not look highly upon tattoos.

Winter Park Laser is only one of approximately 5 medical spas in Orlando to offer laser tattoo removal. Go to for more information.

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