Winter Park Laser (medical spa) has specialized in laser hair removal in Orlando for over 8 years and has recently noticed a surge in male clients for laser hair removal.  Men are tired of shaving and dealing with ingrown hairs; a common problem especially in the beard area and for those with dark skin.

Men don’t want the pain of waxing or the temporary benefits of shaving-they are looking for permanent solutions in laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal for men is common for the beard area, back area, shoulder area and now bikini area has become popular as well.  Laser hair removal is a fairly comfortable treatment after cooling gel is applied and topical numbing can be applied as well.
Laser hair removal is safe and effective for both men and woman.  Anyone who suffers from hairy areas or ingrown hairs can be treated with laser hair removal.

More men are turning to doctors to improve their appearances in other ways as well. The “American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” says male cosmetic procedures are up 121 percent since 1997 including “Brotox” (Botox for men).

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