Laser Hair Removal has been around for 2 decades now and has made many great advances within that time.  One of the biggest advances has been intense pulsed light laser technology used for laser hair removal.  Palomar Medical the first company to patent & commercialize laser hair removal and they only use IPL technology.

IPL laser hair removal offers a safer and less painful but as effective treatment compared to some painful lasers.  IPL hair removal technique is safe and painless. This form of treatment is widely used in any part of the body  for women and men including face, chin, upper lip, beard, neck, chest, bikini line, back, hands and legs. Being painless, it is also the recommended method of removing hairs from sensitive areas of the body like bikini line, chin and upper lip.

IPL technology is safer for dark skin types as it has pulses of light instead of one wavelength of light.  Palomar offers a great cooling system in all IPL laser hair removal machines which prevents any types of side effects common with other lasers such as burning, scarring or hyper-pigmentation.  This also makes it an extremely comfortable laser hair removal treatment.  All of the hair removed is permanently removed.  For more questions or information contact Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando at

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