After performing laser hair removal for 9 years at our Orlando medical spa Winter Park Laser we have definitely seen an increase in the amount of medical spas offering laser hair removal because it has become so popular.  It’s become popular because of how many benefits it has!

Here are our top 3 reasons to get laser hair removal:

#1 No more Ingrown Hairs (folliculitis):

If you suffer from ingrown hairs-and many people do especially dark skinned men and women then this is the best investment you can give yourself! Laser hair removal works by destroying the active follicles in the anagen cycle (about 15-25% each treatments) so by getting even 2-3 treatments it will thin out enough of the hair so that 2 hairs aren’t fighting to get through the same follicle which cause painful ingrown hairs.  This treatment is safe for all skin types.

#2 Being stubble free when you put on a swim-suit:

The #1 dislike for beauty treatment among women is shaving-no one likes doing it! What is worse is a last minute pool adventure & you know you have embarrassing stubble.  You don’t have to worry about this with laser hair removal!

#3 You save money compared to waxing or shaving over time

Laser hair removal can be an investment, just like using natural ways to lighten your skin, but it saves a lot of money over times. Razors and waxing can be expensive after you do it every month for years.

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