After treating client for laser hair removal for the past 9 years in Orlando FL and Central Fl we have seen more male clients increase in our database here at Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center.  In the past our laser hair removal clientele was 98% female but it is now at least 30% males.  This is due mainly to laser hair removal being more widely accepted and public knowledge.

The most popular areas for men are full backs and beard.  While most of our clients have found using a trimmer from sites like to be a better alternative to shaving, but as then their ingrown hair would make the face look bad thus complete removal of it is much better. Many men suffer from ingrown hairs or simply don’t want to shave anymore.  Laser hair removal offers a safe and permanent solution for men offering them freedom from embarrassing ingrown hairs or stubble without the pain of waxing or the hassle of shaving or tweezing.

Laser hair removal works by directing concentrated pulses of light to a group of hair follicles, using enough power to disable or destroy the root responsible for hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. It requires an average of 6-7 treatments to give you amazing results. Treatments are once every 4-7 weeks as hair growth cycles differ on various body parts and requires no down-time. After just one treatment you will see an immediate improvement.  Your skin, hair color, coarseness of hair, age, metabolism and other factors influence your hair growth rate. Thanks to New Advances in technology all hair types including most blondes and red-heads can now benefit from laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is especially good for men with dark skin of African or latino decent as they are more prone to vicious ingrown hairs.  We also do laser hair removal for bikini areas, abdomen, chest, and legs for men.  For more information on laser hair removal go to

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