Even though Laser Hair Removal has been available for over 2 decades there are still many questions about it.  After offering laser hair removal treatments at our medical spa; Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando for 10 years we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about laser hair removal.  Here are the questions and our expert answers.

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

#1: Is laser hair removal painful?

Expert Answer: This really depends on the laser being used.  It is important to find a newer laser technology that has a built in cooling system. This will make the treatment more comfortable and also prevent risk of burning.  Most laser hair removal treatments are relatively not painful.  The most sensitive area to treat is the bikini.  Most medical spas will also offer a topical numbing option which can make it a totally painless experience.

#2 Is laser hair removal permanent?

Expert Answer: There is permanent hair reduction.  After a series of laser hair removal sessions most clients will be 90-95% permanent.  What that means is that the hair removed is permanent, however every person has the follicle stimulating hormone in their body which can produce new hair.  It should be a very minimal amount but most people need a single touch up treatment once ever 1-5 years.

#3 Can you laser over ingrown hairs?

Expert Answer: Yes. Laser hair removal can not only be lasered over ingrown hairs but it is also very effective for eliminating ingrown hairs.  Typically ingrown hairs are eliminated by the second treatment because enough hair is thinned out enough so that hair follicle will not longer become trapped.  This is especially great for darker skin types who are prone to ingrown hairs.

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