Llaser Hair Removal

Even though laser hair removal has been around for nearly 2 decades there are still those who are still shaving, waxing or tweezing because they are afraid or uneducated about laser hair removal.  Laser Hair Removal is a much easier process than it’s only other permanent hair removal predecessor: electrolysis.

Electrolysis  devices destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into each  hair follicle the  follicle is destroyed one at a time which can take over an hour for a small area & over 15-20 treatments.  Laser Hair Removal is a much quicker and easier method.

Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

#1 It’s Fast: New technology has allowed laser hair removal to become incredibly quick. Treatments for small areas such as lip or chin can take only 5 minutes, and large areas like full legs or full back only take 30-40 minutes.

#2 Eliminate In-Grown Hair: Since you are reducing the number of hairs by 95% after 6-7 treatments, you also reduce the chances of getting an ingrown hair again by up to 95%. This can be especially beneficial for those with dark skin who are more prone to ingrown hairs due to thicker, coarser hair.

#3 More Personal Time: As a result of not spending time on shaving, one can be given a great deal more of personal time to do other things.  Also, you don’t have to spend time waxing every month for life.

#4 It Last Longer than any other hair removal method available & will save you money: Laser Hair Removal is 95% permanent meaning you should only need a quick touch-up once every 12-24 months.  While it might be a small financial investment in the beginning it will inevitably cost less than waxing, and razors over time.

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