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Taking care of yourself can get overwhelming sometimes, especially when you spend time in an anti-aging office, where it seems like there are so many things that can be done. You can narrow it down by deciding that it’s your face and skin that you want to improve. There are still so many treatments and products that you can apply to your face. A serum for this, a facial for that. How do you know when to do a peel?

The good news is that, at Winter Park Laser, there is always somebody to help you make the right choices. Our aestheticians are the best in the business and are great at recommending the best treatment for each client’s individual needs. However, if you think you might need a peel, you can follow these guidelines to figure out which peel is best for you.

One good way to decide if you should do a chemical peel is to first determine if you are a candidate for it. Most of the time, fair-skinned and light haired clients are better candidates for a chemical peel. Darker skinned clients can still achieve good results, but are only recommended peels for certain skin problems. This is yet another vital reason to go to an aesthetician that you can trust. It’s also smart to know what peels cannot fix. Peels do not improve bulgy skin, saggy skin, or severe wrinkles. For those issues we would direct you to a more suitable cosmetic procedure such as laser resurfacing, fillers, and/or botox. What are peels like? Everybody has a different peeling process. In general, most people peel on the second and third day. However, in some cases, people don’t peel at all. Because we all have unique skin, we all tend to have favorite peels. Here are the Winter Park Laser office favorites:

Candace: “I love the Illuminize peel because it’s the perfect event peel but I love VI Peel because of what it did for my acne scarring.”

Kelsey: “I like the Illuminize peel because I have sensitive skin.”

Paige: “The Vitalize is my favorite peel because I loved the end result!”

Amy: “It varies based on the time of year. I just had fractional done so I am going to do it light peel to get off the dead skin from that. Normally, I live in the Vitalize world. If it’s summer, I’ll bump it down to something a little more gentle.”

Ashley: “The Rejuvenize because I want my whole face to peel off.”

In general, a peel is going to help with pretty much everything we’re generally wanting to improve with our skin: fine lines and wrinkles, tone and texture, the list goes on. SkinMedica peels are known to reduce fine lines around the eyes and mouth. In addition to fighting against natural signs of aging, peels also combat damage to the skin. This is where you’ll see improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, which are often caused by sun damage. Our favorite thing about chemical peels is that they even out the skin tone, leaving your face glowing and youthful. By reducing age spots, freckles, and dark spots (melasma), chemical peels leave clients with a completely renewed look. Of course, peels work for specific needs as well, such as scarring. While they don’t eliminate scars, they can greatly improve their appearance.

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