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These are the questions I recommend every one ask before receiving Botox injections and why you should ask these questions.

#1 Question: Is what I’m having injected Botox Cosmetic by Allergan and may I see the hologram on the bottle?

Why you should ask this question: There are various types of  Botulin Toxins available-some are FDA approved but different brands such as Dysport or Xeomin and some are illegally imported from Canada.  A lot of places will unfortunately just call all of them Botox and a recent study showed 84% of people don’t really know what is being injected into their faces.  There is an actual Botox hologram on the bottle that you should look for before being injected.

#2 Question: Who is injecting the Botox Cosmetic, are they board certified and licensed and how much experience injecting Botox do they have?

Why you should ask this question:Every state has different laws and guidelines on who can inject Botox so do your research on your own state.  In Florida it has to be a licensed and Board Certified ARNP (A Registered Nurse Practitioner), PA (Physician Assistant) or physician.  You want to ask and look around for a copy of their license.  Also ask about experience. Just because someone is a Doctor and not a PA or ARNP does not make them a better injector if they only have a couple of months experience.

#3 Question: What is the volume of Botox injected at your Medical Spa on a regular basis?

Why you should ask this question: If you go to a medical spa that only performs Botox once a week or 2 days a month chances are that they are not as experienced as a location that does Botox everyday and if they don’t have flexible availability chances are you won’t be able to get in when you want to for your next appointment.

#4 Question: Is your office part of the Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Program?

Why you should ask this question: Allergan offers a free points program and offices who use Allergan can partner with this program.  It will save you money every time you do Botox Cosmetic injections, Juvederm injections, purchase Latisse or purchase Skinmedica products.  You can sign up for free and look for locations that offer this at

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Questions to Ask Before You Get Botox Injections
I have run a medical spa-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando for 9 years and we have offered Botox in Orlando for 5 years; I also do all initial Botox consultations for clients. In that time I am amazed at how many people have had previous poor experiences elsewhere with Botox. I think this is because many people getting Botox for the first time or at a new medical spa don't ask enough questions or don't have the opportunity to ask questions at all before getting their Botox injections.

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