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Body sculpting has been hot on the market since around 2010, but what does body sculpting in Orlando really mean? People talk about getting rid of stubborn fat with the help of supplements from places like First, we need to understand the difference between losing weight and losing fat. It’s hard to grasp the idea of going down a pant size and not seeing a difference on the scale, but it’s what makes body sculpting in Orlando possible. But a coherent deduction to all this can be one simple solution: Z Med weight loss clinic.

When we gain and lose weight, the amount of fat cells that we have don’t change. In fact, we accumulate the amount of fat cells that we’ll have for the majority of our live by the time we’re teenagers. (Scary!) The catch is, naturally, we can gain new fat cells, but we can’t eliminate them by working out or dieting. (Even scarier!) When we gain weight, our existing fat cells get larger, and when we lose weight, they get smaller. Smaller? Yes. Gone for good? No. And now you’re all thinking “ah-ha!– stubborn fat.” Exactly. No matter how hard you work out, or how nutritious you eat, you can’t make your fat cells disappear… until now. Sculpsure uses heat the kill fat cells. So in the same way that you “burn fat” when you’re at the gym, you are burning the fat with Sculpsure, except that with a laser, you’re able to get your fat cells just hot enough to get rid of them permanently.

The conversation around weight loss has continued on for years and many men and women don’t want to accept that it’s not about the scale. Healthy people have muscles mass which equates to pounds. That’s why it’s often difficult to guess people’s weight. So really and truly, the hope for a Sculpsure candidate is someone who visits the gym once in awhile, who cares about nutrition and incorporates that into their daily lives, and someone who is going to drink water water water. In these cases, Sculpsure patients might gain or lose weight based on the other factors in their life.

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So let’s recap. When we gain and lose weight, our fat cells are getting larger and smaller, creating the change in our appearance. Sculpsure lessens the amount of fat cells that we have. Therefore, we have less cells that can enlarge. With time, the fat cells that are affected by Sculpsure leave our body through the lymphatic system, leaving our body looking tighter, thinner, and sculpted. You heard right– TIGHTER. In addition to burning up to 25% of body fat, Sculpsure leave skin tightening results.

To learn more about Sculpsure in Orlando, call us at (407)-601-1185 and RSVP to our Sculpsure Lunch & Learn that will be hosted in our Winter Park office on September 13, 2016.

Have cellulite? What we can’t do with Sculpsure we can do with Velashape III. That’s why Sculpsure and Velashape are our new favorite couple! Velashape adds additional skin tightening and erases cellulite in as little as 3 treatments. It’s like an 80’s mullet: business in the front, party in the back. Sculpsure in the front (abdomen), Velashape on the back (of thighs).

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