After performing laser tattoo removal at our Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando for the past 2 years it has only increased in popularity as well as the demographics of those getting laser tattoo removal.

It is now safe to say that laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective way to permanently remove tattoos as chemical peels and other methods don’t work or cause scarring.  Over the past few years we have more and more male clients and higher income earning clients-this is due to a few reasons:

#1 Laser tattoo removal is now more publicized in the media as celebrities like Angelina Jolie get their tattoos removed

#2 More government jobs, police departments, prisons and fire departments are requiring their employees to not show tattoos in order to be hired

#3 Most branches of the Military now require tattoos to be removed if they show beyond the uniform.

Laser tattoo removal will permanently remove black or colored tattoos safely on all skin types (as long as it is a Q-switched yag) in 4-12 treatments on average.  Generally, two wavelengths of light are used to break down a wide spectrum of tattoo ink. The 1064nm wavelength is used for darker colors – black, dark blue, brown, purple, and similar colors. The 532nm wavelength is used for red, orange, green, yellow, and other lighter colors. The most difficult colors to remove are light green and blue-green/teal/turquoise.

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