After consulting for a Medical Spa (Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando) for 8 years I have had the fortune of seeing many clients who are great candidates for non-invasive body sculpting treatments and some who were better suited for a personal trainer or plastic surgery options and I have happily been honest & referred those patients to someone who could better help them.

Unfortunately not everyone out there is honest-and certain surgical/invasive procedures such as “smart lipo” are sold to those who were not the best candidates-and sadly I have seen the results of many poor smart/slip lipo jobs that probably shouldn’t have been done in the first place! The good news is that we have used Velashape II to correct a lot of the negative side effects from these surgeries. I want to explain a few basic rules to help you know if you are better suited for surgical or non-surgical treatments!

Body Sculpting Surgery such as Smart or Slim Lipo & regular Lipo definitely have their place but I would like to emphasize that “smart” or “slim” lipo is for very small pockets of fat on someone who is relatively small-if you have a lot of fat that you want removed you are much better off with a full lipo job or a tummy tuck (if in the abdomen area).
So best candidate for Smart lipo-small pocket of fat (not cellulite) on the thighs or abdomen.
Best Candidate for Full Lipo-Someone with a lot of fat to lose (not cellulite).

Cellulite should not be treated with Lipo-as cellulite is a tissue damage and a lot of time Lipo makes the appearance of dimples look worse as the fat is sucked out and the cellulite stays creating a “honeycomb” effect.

Best Candidate for Non-Invasive Body Sculpting treatment like Velashape II-someone with a little fat deposited in the abdomen or anyone with cellulite on the thighs, or arms looking to reduce it, tighten the skin and lose a few inches without the downtime of surgery.
How it Works: VelaShape II™is Powered by the revolutionary elos™ Technology utilizing bi-polar radio frequency, it treats the deeper tissue, offering a measurable reduction in fat layers, circumference and the upper layers of the skin, resulting in cellulite reduction, the smoothing of the skin’s tone and texture, inches lost, and noticeable reshaping of the treated area in 5-6 treatments. We use an infrared thermometer to ensure your body heats up to 104 degrees-the temperature it takes to melt fat. Many clients describe the treatments as feeling like a warm deep tissue massage. The Velashape II is 20% more powerful than its predecessor Velashape I giving you shorter treatments, with better, longer lasting results in fewer treatments. This treatment has no discomfort, is non-invasive and requires no down-time.

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