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So as the tides turn and the seasons change so does your skin.  After being in the medispa industry for 9 years with Orlando Medical Spa Winter Park Laser a common question is what can I skincare treatments & tricks can be done during summer and sun exposure. Well there is a great source that has awesome products and advice on skincare. We live in Florida which is about 10 months of summer and we are always in the sun but you can still work with it to still get great skincare treatments.

Here are skincare tips & treatments for a summer glow:

Add Some Vitamin C:

Use Topical Vitamin C & Eat foods high in Vitamin C vitamin C,  which will boost your skin’s strength against the summer sun’s damaging rays. Invest in a high-quality vitamin C serum that is medical grade to add to your daily skin-care regimen; we like Skinmedica Vitamin A, C, and E Serum but there are many different ones available.  Also eat plenty of berries, oranges, and nuts, to add protection from the inside out.

The time for Injectables:

Cosmetic injectables such as Botox Cosmetic and dermal fillers have no contraindications with sun exposure.  So when you start to get those little crow’s feet from summer sun squinting get a little Botox to soften those lines.  If you laughed so hard at your summer parties, add a little Juvederm to fill in smile lines!

Hydration is Key:

Although it is common knowledge it is still a good reminder to stay extra hydrated inside and out during the hot summer months.  Drinking extra water will give your skin that natural summer glow.  It is also important to keep your skin externally hydrated as well.  It could be a good time to add a night time moisturizer such as Skinmedica Dermal Repair and lessen Retinol use if you are in excess sun exposure.


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