Our medical spa was one of the first in Orlando to offer laser tattoo removal 4 years ago.  Tattoo removal has since grown by about 50% in our medical spa and in popularity in general.  There are many reasons men and women choose to remove tattoos but the top reasons are for a career change, joining the military, government job restrictions,  relationship changes, or they simply don’t like it anymore.  Whatever the reason a person should decide to get laser tattoo removal it is important to receive a good consultation before getting a treatment as these are strong lasers.  I have performed tattoo removal consultations for 4 years and these are the top questions to ask if they are not addressed by the consultant.

Top Questions to ask for Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation:

#1 Question: What type of laser is used for tattoo removal, is it safe for your skin type and is it a laser specifically for tattoo removal?
Reason to ask: Unfortunately throughout the years I have seen and heard horror stories of people who had tatoo removal with a “laser hair removal” device at various medical offices.  This is not safe! It can cause blistering and leave scars.  It is important to know that the laser is safe for your skin type.  If you have dark skin you should only be treated with a Q-switch Yag or Picosure laser for tattoo removal.

#2 Question: Who performs the treatment, what their credentials and years of experience?

Reasons to ask: Every state has different requirements as to what level of education and license you need to perform laser tattoo removal.  In Florida it has to be an ARNP, PA-C, or physician to perform laser tattoo removal.  You should also try to choose someone who has a minimum of 12 months of experience.

#3 Question: Have you treated these colors of tattoo before and can I see work on your clients?

 Reasons to ask: You want to be sure that the technician has worked with all spectrums of colors of tattoos and understands the correct settings to use.  You want to see “before and after tattoo removal pictures” of their clients not just stock photos.

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