IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial Risks & Benefits

The benefits of intense pulsed light therapy cover almost the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology. When performed by a qualified skin care specialist, IPL™ photofacial treatment can help nearly all aspects of skin aesthetics and structure.

Benefits of having laser hair removal treatments for Medical Reasons

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic and a medical procedure that tends to make use of a laser or pulsed light system with- a pulsating beam of light absorbed by pigment in the hair follicle to rid one of undesirable hair on any area of the body. While many people have laser hair removal treatments because they are tired of waxing, tweezing and shaving, for others laser hair removal is a medical necessity.

Botox Cosmetic Vs. Dysport

Botox® Cosmetic and Dysport® are to injectables for wrinkles as Pepsi is to Coca-Cola-the main competitors in this category.

Tips for Acne Laser Treatments

Acne is a problem for most people, both adults and young people throughout their lives. Most people would like to get rid of acne because of […]