Get Bikini Body Ready with Velashape

Exercising all fall and winter doesn't guarantee a "jiggle free" bikini body for summer; in fact exercise and diet are clinically proven to not improve cellulite. Fortunately, when your personal trainer can't get rid of the difficult "saddle bags", there's a new clinically proven, FDA-approved&cleared; non-surgical solution for reducing the look of cellulite, sculpting the body, shrinking love handles and inches all over-Velashape. While Velasmooth and Velashape have been out for a few years, the Velashape II launched about one year ago and is the most powerful weapon against cellulite now on the market.

Clearing Up Confusion on Chemical Peels

While Chemical peels are the oldest cosmetic treatment around, they are also shrouded with the most confusion. We have been offering advanced medical grade chemical peels at our medical spa for 8 years and without fail the most questions and concerns come with chemical peels-even more so than laser treatments. Even with the advances in laser technology combination therapy with chemical peels can still play a vital role in results, so this information should clear up some of the confusion about common concerns.

Laser Stretch-Mark Removal Advantages

Stretch marks can impact your own self-esteem and self-confidence especially for younger girls or new moms. Until the past 1-2 years every doctor told women and men that there was no solution to remove stretch-marks, until Palomar Medical received FDA clearance and approval over a year ago with the Fractional 1540 Laser Skin Resurfacing hand-piece to effectively remove stretch-marks (white and red striae).

The New Non-Surgical Facelift-Laser Skin Resurfacing

Over the past decades while cosmetic procedures have only increased, the number of non-invasive procedures is far outweighing the the surgical procedures. As more people are working, they do not have the time for "down time", risks of infections or the other risks involved with actual surgery. This is why many people are not turning to lasers to tighten, lift & rejuvenate skin on the face.