Laser Tattoo Removal Gives Orlando residents a Second Chance

When you are walking down the street in Orlando chances are you don't know who has tattoo and who doesn't. This is because there are many "upscale" residents including businessmen, elected officials, physicians, attorneys, and Mothers who don't want you to know they have a tattoo. While you may not know-Winter Park Laser does. We have been performing laser tattoo removal in Orlando for 3 years.

Laser Hair Removal for Men Increase in Orlando Popularity

After treating client for laser hair removal for the past 9 years in Orlando FL and Central Fl we have seen more male clients increase in our database here at Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center. In the past our laser hair removal clientele was 98% female but it is now at least 30% males. This is due mainly to laser hair removal being more widely accepted and public knowledge.

Treatments for Melasma (“The Mask of Pregnancy”)

Perhaps it is because our medical spa-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center is located in Florida but I see a lot of clients who are concerned with their symptoms of "Melasma" which is blotches of excess brown pigment most common in women who have olive skin-latina, Italian, or mediterranean. You have to be extremely careful treating Melasma with laser so we like to treat it with strong peels such as the Mini Melanage Peel created for Melasma.

Remove the Damage Caused by Years of Sun with IPL

After running a medical spa (Winter Park Laser& Anti-Aging Center) for 9 years one of the most common complaints especially in Florida is sun spots, redness and capillaries caused by years of sun damage for men and women. As this is the decade where the "baby boomers" are starting to age they are also the same generation that used baby oil and foil to get sun tans and they are now seeing the repercutions of their actions in the form of uneven skin tone, excess pigment, and age/sun spots. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photo-facials or photo-rejuvenation are a great no down-time solution to sun damaged skin.