Feds warn of unapproved drugs when seeking ‘Botox’ brand treatment

Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country. It's designed to fade lines and wrinkles on your face, but government regulators say people in Florida may have been getting dangerous injections. Instead of the name-brand Botox Cosmetic, some may have received injections of a drug not licensed nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Questions to Ask before Getting Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Medical Spa has now been offering laser tattoo removal for 3 years and we have become local Orlando experts in this technology. We would like to share our advice for those seeking Laser Tattoo Removal at any medical spa anywhere in the United States. Laser Tattoo Removal is an amazing technology that has come a long way and can provide an opportunity to erase something that was once though permanent.

How to Remove Old Sun Damage

So the questions is once you have all this sun damage appearing on your skin are you stuck with it or is there a way to remove it? The good news is that you can remove a lot of your accumulated sun damage and there a few methods depending on how severe it is. Chemical Peels are one way to remove some minor sun damage by exfoliating and removing excess pigmentation caused by sun damage.

What is Melasma & how to treat it

Since our medical spa is in Florida we see a lot of Melasma due to the excessive sun use and clients who have darker skin types that are of Meditteranean or Latin skin types. Melasma can be very difficult to treat and the results rely heavily on patient compliance. We have done a lot of research over the past 9 years at Winter Park Laser to find the best treatments for Melasma and hyperpigmentation and we want to share them.