3 Top Cosmetic Treatments to Get Your Body Ready for Summer

Obviously every one wants to look good for summer especially if you live up north where you bundle up inside for 9 months and are then expected to pop out bikini ready come June. Here are some quick cosmetic treatments that don't require downtime that can get your body ready for summer! These are the cosmetic treatments we recommend at our Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser in Orlando Fl.

Refresh Your Skin with the New Oxygen 2 Facial Treatment

After running our Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser in Orlando for 8 years I often get the question-What can I do before my event in a few days to look fresher? Now I have a great new answer! The New Image Oxygen 2 Facial Treatment is perfect to refresh the skin right before an event, or for someone who is sensitive or doesn't want to peel.

Top Ways to Eliminate Rosacea without Prescriptions

April is National Rosacea Month which is why we feel it's appropriate to discuss the top non-prescription ways to treat and control the symptoms of Rosacea. This was created to bring awareness the the symptoms of Rosacea as it effects over 16 million American men and women.

The 3 Top Ways to Remove Sun Damage

One of the top issues that are clients come into our Orlando Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser for is sun damage skin including age spots, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation and poor skin texture. Perhaps, it's because our medical spa is in Orlando Florida that we our clients have so much damage but I also think it's a generational issue as more baby boomers are seeing the effects of using baby oil in the 70's and more sun damage emerges with age.