Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Even though laser hair removal has been around for nearly 2 decades there are still those who are still shaving, waxing or tweezing because they are afraid or uneducated about laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal is a much easier process than it's only other permanent hair removal predecessor: electrolysis.

How To Cure Your “Tired Looking Eyes”

Are people always asking you "why do you look so tired", "were you up late" or do you look in the mirror and constantly see dark circles under your eyes that worsen with age. If you do, you are not alone. "Dark under eye-circles", hollows, & bags are common concerns for men and women and we hear them all the time in consultations at our Orlando Medical Spa-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center. Well, the good news is that we can give you advice on how to cure your "tired Looking Eyes" to make them looking rested & brighter again!

Top 3 Fall Skin-Care Tips

Just as you change your wardrobe for Fall you have to adjust your skin-care routine as well.  Every season brings changes to your skin and therefore […]

FDA approves Allergan’s Botox to treat crow’s feet

If you have been noticing that your eyes tell your age, here’s a new cosmetic development that you may apply to you. Federal regulators at the FDA finally have approved Botox Cosmetic injections to treat crow’s feet (the wrinkles around the eyes). The FDA declared Wednesday 9/11 that Allergan’s Botox Cosmetic injection is the first cosmetic drug approved to treat the wrinkles and fine lines that form on the around the eyes.