Why Your Eyes Tell Your Age

Why Your Eyes Tell Your Age? Well, for starters is tends to be the first thing people see when they look at you.   Secondly it […]

What Dermal Filler is Right for You?

A lot of people are looking for new non-invasive ways to look younger and get more volume.  Dermal fillers allow for a natural “face-lift” like result […]

Top Reasons People get Laser Tattoo Removal

LASER TATTOO BEFORE & AFTER After the economy crashed the job market has become a difficult world to compete in. Those who hadn't had an interview in 20 years quickly found themselves competing again those more experienced, younger, and other talents. While, the competition in the job market not only increased, the employers also had the opportunity to make hiring requirements more stringent. I feel that this has had a huge impact on the laser tattoo removal market.

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Dark Skin Types

Laser Hair Removal is completely safe for dark skinned clients and has many benefits. Ethnic skin types are the best candidates for laser hair removal because they tend to be prone to follicultis (ingrown hairs). Laser Hair Removal can eliminate ingrown hairs for men and women giving a great relief to those who suffer every time they shave.