Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare Vs. Over the Counter

On average women spend over $426 billion per year in the U.S. on beauty products, therefore don't you want to be getting your money's worth out of those products? Women and men are inundated with skincare products at the drugstore, mall, online, and doctor's office or spa. So it can be confusing to understand what to buy and where to spend your money. So as a medical spa manager (Winter Park Laser) I often explain to clients why they need to be using pharmaceutical grade skincare and why that $150 cream they bought at the mall isn't working, so I want to do the same for everyone.

Winter Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

Every season can bring changes to your skin. Therefore it is important to switch up your skin-care routine for every season but especially for Winter which […]

TruSculpt Gives Your Lipo Results without Surgery

While, we have run our Medical Spa Winter Park Laser in Orlando for a decade now we are always amazing with how much technology improves for cosmetic treatments every year. We have offered body sculpting for 10 years but most of the machines we have used were good but didn't offer a permanent effect. So we set out this year to look for something new. We found the TruSculpt machine by Cutera and myself & the owner tried 2 treatments each on our abdomens-our results were amazing! TruSculpt literally makes it look like you had lipo-but with no surgery or down-time! This treatment typically takes 2 treatments a few weeks apart and literally destroys fat cells!

Gifting Botox & Aesthetic Procedures is in

While our Orlando medical Spa has been in business for 10 years, this year has been the busiest for Aesthetic Procedure Gift Cards. Clients are asking Santa to put Botox in their stocking this year. A recent Survey done by researchers at American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), shows that gifting botox is becoming a latest trend among women and men.