Why Non-Surgical Treatments are Taking Over Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

When we opened our medical spa 10 years ago-Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in Orlando non-surgical cosmetic procedures were really just becoming available to the […]

The Most Common Aesthetic Procedures in Today’s Medical Spas

While Botox is a common everyday term, there are many other procedures that have become equally common especially with the increase in opening of Medical Spas. Here are the most common aesthetic procedures now found in Dermatology offices, Plastic Surgeons, and Medical Spa's.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal Can be a Valentine’s Day Gift

So, you have been wondering all year what can you get your girlfriend or boyfriend that they don’t already have for Valentine’s Day?  Well, if you […]

Anti-Aging Eye Cream Is Essential

Anti-Aging Eye Cream is Essential While many men and women want an “easy map” to looking younger and think a regular moisturizer is fine for the entire […]