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We are excited to announce that our online store is now open! To access the store, you simply go to our website:, and at the top of the page, in the navigation bar, there is a tab called “store.” Click on “store” and you’re in! You can purchase as guest, however there is no risk because accounts are free (and accounts get you points!) So, what are the benefits and drawbacks?

One amazing thing about the online store is the online store specials. While we always have specials in office, there are different online specials. Currently, that special is triple points on all online purchases.

As you know, Winter Park Laser is all about educating our clients– needless to say, one of our favorite aspects of the online store is that you will have 24/7 access to information about the skincare products and services that we provide! The online store carries all of the typical benefits of an online store, including features such as wish list, share, browse, research, and, of course, purchase. This is especially great because we know that making new skin care purchases can be intimidating, and often times, clients have to rush out of the office to make that next meeting or pick up the kids from school. With the online store, you have the time to make a decision with lots of thought, research, and convenience. Enjoy the best skincare products available now.

Now, get ready for the kicker. All online purchases earn a 5% back in Reward Points. This is in addition to the usual Brilliant Distinctions points that you get from purchases. Now that’s one big cherry-on- top!

Another pillar of the Winter Park Laser philosophy is our desire for our clients to protect their investments. We never want our clients to waste their money. By that we mean, not losing money by incorrect use, reversing improvement, etc. One way that we protect our clients from this happening is by giving reminders, both in person and over the phone, when they are due for services. Our lovely front desk staff also try to promote making future appointments in office, so they don’t go forgotten. This online store is going to help keep your product shelf at home from going dry. The majority of the Skin Medica products only work if they are used consistently. This is especially true for TNS Essential Serum. In fact, results only start to show themselves after the second bottle. That means, if you buy only one bottle, run out, and then wait to get the next one, you are pushing results out by at least an additional two months. The online store has an option to choose automatic refills. This ensures that you never run out of product and therefore, never have to start over. When you check-out, simply select the “auto-replenish” option. You even have a choice of how often to replenish.

If that’s not enough reason to get started online, here are a couple other bonus features that might solidify your decision:

1. You get points for writing a review about a product.
2. There are pictures of the key ingredients. (We love pictures!)
3. There are “how to use” videos for each product. (This is great even if you aren’t purchasing online, and are in need of a refresher.)

If you have any questions about how to use our online store, feel free to email us or give us a call at 407-601- 1185.

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