We have now been performing Laser Tattoo Removal at our Orlando medical Spa for nearly 4 years and while we were apprehensive at first-it has become an incredibly booming industry and one of the main reasons is that laser tattoo removal brings many new rewards for career possibilities.  It all started because our clients asked us to bring in laser tattoo removal & their was a lack of local medical spas offering this service.  We started out small renting a laser for a few hours a week & that booked up quickly, then a full day & eventually after a year realized we should buy a laser and offer laser tattoo removal full time.

So when we first started many men & women were getting laser tattoo removal to get rid of an ex’s name, or simply because they didn’t like it or felt like a different person than they did when they were young but then more and more often it was due to career opportunities.  For one, almost all branches of the US military have now mandated that no one can enlist with a tattoo that shows in their uniform such as on the neck or hand-so we have had an influx of young men and women who desperately want to serve our country to better their lives & ours but are often stalled due to a silly tattoo-laser tattoo removal now gives them this opportunity.

Then for Florida all government agencies including the police department, fire department, prison guards, and probation officers can not have tattoos that show in their uniforms so we have again had many men & women wanting to advance in their chosen career field that can not with0ut laser tattoo removal.

These are just a few examples but we have men & women come in every day that want to remove tattoos for a more “professional” image or because a new job suggested that they remove them.  Laser tattoo removal is really making strides for a better career for many people and giving them 2nd chances.

For more information on laser tattoo removal go to www.winterparklaser.com

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