Melasma is a term that has become more commonplace over the past decade especially in regions such as Florida with an excess of sun exposure.  Melasma is often referred to as “the mask of pregnancy” because it is usually caused by hormone changes especially with pregnancy, birth control or menopause, and is made increasingly worse by sun exposure.

It can be devastating for your confidence but it is treatable. Celebrities even deal with challenges from Melasma. Here’s a clip from Brooke Burke on the television show The Doctors.’s

Melasma can also be caused by medications or brought on by post imflammatory hyperpigmentation due to certain burns of laser treatments.  Melasma generally occurs when estrogen and/or progesterone stimulate pigmentation hormones, causing dark brown irregular sized patches on the face that are normally rather large.   Melasma is most common in ethnic skin types especially hispanic or meditteranean although it can occur in light skin types as well. Genetic predisposition may make one more susceptible to melasma, and thyroid dysfunction may also increase susceptibility.

Since our medical spa Winter Park Laser is located in Florida we see a lot of Melasma due to the to the amount of sun exposure and the high amount of hispanic population in Florida. Melasma can be very difficult to treat and the results rely heavily on patient compliance and the type of maintenance done by the patient.

Here are some of the top ways to treat and maintain melasma.

#1 The Vi Peel this is a strong chemical peel safe for all skin types to treat melasma.  It is a proprietary blend of TCA, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C and a mineral blend.

#2 At Home Skincare: It is crucial to use Skin Lightening Treatment products such as Hydroquinone bleaching creams, or Skinmedica lytera which will help to suppress the underlying pigmentation and prevent more patches of melasma from surfacing.

#3 Limited Sun Exposure:Sun can make Melasma worst so the more one stays away from sun by wearing a full broad spectrum minimum spf 30 everyday and reapplying,  and wearing large sunglasses and large hats to protect your skin.
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