Our Story

The Dream & How it Began

15 Years ago, owner Aneta Filardo realized there weren’t many Medical Spas in the Orlando area offering advanced treatments for hair removal. After visiting one laser hair removal center in Florida and seeing what amazing results laser hair removal made, Aneta inquired whether there were other laser technologies for acne, anti-aging, wrinkles and more. After a decade of fighting with her own acne prone skin with no results from medication and over the counter products Aneta was on a mission to find the most effective ways to treat skin in the shortest amount of time to get the best results. She read about a facility in California that started that trend and learned about all the lasers and treatments available at that time. She then took a leap of faith; sold her investment property, renovated an old building and opened Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center in the Orlando suburb Winter Park FL. Each year Aneta keeps adding lasers, various technologies and injectable services as soon as they became available on the market and currently adds a new laser/treatment every year.

“My focus has always been to simply do what I feel is best in my industry and not promote something because it’s the latest but to ensure that the service actually gives the best results. Under-promising and deliver above expectations is what we seek to do at WPL.”  - Owner Aneta Filardo

The Biggest Accomplishments to date for Winter Park Laser:“The biggest accomplishment is building a team with talent...I feel each person at WPL has their own talents that shine.” - Owner Aneta Filardo

What sets Winter park Laser apart from other Medical Spas? “We are not a chain, we do not have to answer to anyone or pay huge franchising fees therefore I can take care of my staff and extend fair pricing to clients in the Orlando area”. We take the time with all our clients to customize treatment plans that best suit the needs and lifestyle for that client. Our goal is to educate, treat, and provide long lasting results. -Owner Aneta Filardo

What the Future holds for Winter Park Laser:

“When you have a great team and everyone is working towards the same goal anything is possible” "One of our top priorities as a facility is to educate our clients on the proper treatments and skin care that can help them achieve their esthetic goals. We truly care about our clients and are personally invested in each one as we help them on their journey."

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