Winter Park Laser offers Perlane Dermal Fillers to clients in Orlando and nearby locations.

Ideal Candidate for Perlane®

The main reason most patients are interested in Perlane® is because they are starting to see the skin sag as well as waking up every morning to a an aging face that always looks “tired”.  Common concerns for clients in Orlando that need Perlane are as follows: Smoker’s lines (perioral lines) vertical lines on the mouth, Marionette lines (oral commissures)  lines at the side of the mouth, Deep smile lines (nasolabial furrow).

How Does Perlane® Work?

Perlane is composed of Hyaluronic acid. Because of its hydrophilic or water loving nature, Perlane® attracts and binds water molecules to help maintain volume. Its three dimensional structure allows it to bind water many times its own weight. This provides continual filling as the gel begins to degrade. Because it is thicker than Juvederm and Restylane it is intended for deeper lines to add volume (such as naso-labial lines). Perlane injections generally take 30 minutes to perform and  Last 9-14 months.

Perlane® is similar to Restylane® in that they are both composed of the same hyaluronic acid. Perlane® consists of larger gel particles and a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid. It is intended for deeper injection to add volume for structural support, as well as to fill in deep lines and wrinkles.

What to expect with Perlane®?

You should experience minimal discomfort during and after your Perlane® treatment in Orlando as there is Lidocaine pre-mixed into the Perlane for total numbing, and normal activities can usually be resumed within 24 hours. The injection sites may be a little swollen, bruising and tenderness may occur, but this should subside after one to three days and icing can help.

A sculpted and younger looking face will be the end results with lifted cheeks and increased volume where needed.