The aesthetic industry made of plastic surgery offices and medical spas has changed dramatically over the past decade with more people opting to have non-surgical cosmetic procedures and with Botox Cosmetic becoming the #1 non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the US & the world for the past 5 years it’s not surprising that men and women are looking to try it out. Unfortunately, many people who like to look for a deal, or feel they should pay the lowest price possible are turning to “groupon deals” or shop around until they call the place that is the cheapest in town. While Botox Cosmetic is an aesthetic procedure it is still a medical procedure involving an injection and should be held to the same standards as any other medical procedure.

Why bargain botox can be dangerous is because sometimes it’s not even Botox.  Botox is a brand of botulin toxin & there only 2 other FDA approved botulin toxins-dysport & xeomin.  However, there is a lot of “imposter botox” or illegally import botulin toxins that providers will use in order to cut cost thus giving you a super cheap price on “fake botox” that you don’t know is fake.  This can cause issues because no unit is the same amount and each botulin toxin is diluted differently.

First of all,never purchase Botox on-line and always make sure that the Botox Cosmetic you are getting comes from Allergan (the only maker of Botox cosmetic) there is a hologram on the bottle to look.  You should also watch the practitioner mix the Botox.

Another reason Botox might be really cheap is because someone is unlicensed is injecting it.  Recently, there was an unlicensed woman in south florida who injected thousands of faces before being arrested.  Sometimes women are so desperate for a deal that they fail to look into the details and backgrounds.  Every state is different but in Florida only a Physician, A Registered Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant can   Botox Cosmetic is an amazing treatment but should only be performed by a certified and licensed medical professional in a licensed medical spa, or medical office who are not only licensed but insured with medical malpractice.  If you have it done by a location without medical supervision or malpractice and something goes wrong there is not much legal leverage you will have. Medical malpractice lawyer in Dallas can help you win the case. Do your research and look for reviews, and get referrals from friends when selecting a location for Botox Cosmetic not just for the “cheapest deal” because sadly sometimes you get what you pay for.  Here is a recent article on new “counterfeit botox in the Us”

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